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Area Community Theatre of Sharpsville


PROGRESS: $17,182 of $5,000


ACTS was founded in February 2011, to provide education, cultural development, and performing arts in the region while striving to create a legacy of quality entertainment. By utilizing the talents of all age groups and encouraging the pursuit of artistic development and expression, we now look to deepen our impact. We have presented over 30 productions translating into $750,000 in gross revenues, which have benefitted the community. In 2019, due to circumstances beyond our control, we relocated from Sharpsville to the former Sacred Heart Church in Sharon. We are currently converting the space into a regional performing arts center.

Due to COVID-19, ACTS suspended operations in March and has been unable to generate revenue. Ticket sales are our primary source of funds. In the meantime, we have started renovating our new space and raising funds to resume performances. When the pandemic situation improves, we hope to be back on stage in Spring 2021. Should gatherings continue to be limited, virtual productions will be the best option for us. During this shutdown we are focusing on what we can do and preparing to resume operations in a renovated space that will serve as a beacon of hope to our region.

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