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Red Barn Players

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PROGRESS: $5,606 of $5,000

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The Red Barn Players is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide an outlet for creative community involvement and entertain our patrons by providing a superior theatre experience.

We have produced comedies, dramas and musicals for over 66 seasons. Drawing talent from the Lawrence, Beaver and Allegheny counties. We perform at least 4 productions each summer. In 2015, we inaugurated our "Theatre for Young Audiences" program with the musical, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown". This program has grown over the years, and we have produced at least one musical each year - by and for young people. This initiative has expanded our outreach to the community, providing training and valuable experience for the young talents participating. We hope to expand this "Theatre for Young Audiences" program to include workshops and summer camp.


The Red Barn Players owns the buildings and property and pay a monthly mortgage, insurance, and utilities year round. The cancellation of this year's performances has placed in a precarious position for the upkeep of our properties. While we have invested over time, we are hesitant to make withdrawals.


Our service is entertainment. We have produced plays and musicals for over 66 years and are dedicated to continuing for years to come!

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